The self-diagnosis Urine Analyzer, Yodoc
Product : Yodoc-M (Portable Self-diagnosis Urine Analyzer)

Yodoc M helps to prevent disease through urine test. You don’t need to go to the hospital because you can check your health condition through it anywhere. It has excellent functions as well as appearance!

It also saves you from spending money and time since it helps you to check your health easily and conveniently. Yodoc M’s Smart Healthcare device is a health checker which protects your family's health all the year round.


Four results of self-diagnosis

Evaluated Parameters

Occult blood, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketone body, Protein, Dinitrate, Dextrose, Acidity, Specific gravity, White blood cell

Early detection possible of more than 20 disease

Type Diseases
Chronic disease Diabetes, Renal gtycosuria, Chronic nephritis
Urologic disease Kidney disorder, Kidney infection, Cystitis, Kidney tumor, Nephrotic syndrome, Nephropyelitis, Urinary tract infection, Urinary stone, Bladder stone, Diabetes insipidus, Urinary tract bleeding, Nephrotuberculosis, Renal cancer, Alkalosis
Adult disease Aurigo, Liver ailment, Biliary tract disease, Cirrhosis, Pancreas cancer, Hypertension
Other disease Chronic nephritis, Euthermic disease



Charger & USB cable to be connected

USB cable

  1. USB cable
  2. Charging terminal

Urine test strip


Yodoc-m Instruction Manual

You can see the instruction manual of the product.

Manual Download
Main phone number


30, Marudeul-gil 172beon-gil, Opo-eup,
Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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