The self-diagnosis Urine Analyzer, Yodoc


  • 2015.10Participated in the Indonesian Hospital Expo 2015
  • 2015.10Obtained the R&TTE certification for bluetooth version of Yodoc-m
  • 2015.10Obtained CE(IVD/DoC) certification for bluetooth version of Yodoc-m
  • 2015.09Participated in the 11th Gangwon Medical Equipment Show(GMES 2015)
  • 2015.09Obtained KC certificatin for bluetooth version of Yodoc-m
  • 2015.07Participated in the 2015 Philipine Medical Equipment Export Show hosted by KOTRA
  • 2015.07Participated in the BIONICS 2015
  • 2015.07Obtained production license(3rd degree) of medical equipment for bluetooth version of Yodoc-m(SYD-M10PBBK)
  • 2015.06Participated in the WIS 2015 in cooperation with KT
  • 2015.04Participated in the world's first 'marine telemedicine pilot project' with Yodoc-m, a portable self-diagnosis urine analysis, conducted by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
  • 2015.03Participated in the Mobile World Congress(Spain) in cooperating with KT
  • 2015.03Participated in the 31st Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KiMES 2015)
  • 2014.10Obtained Good Manufacturing Practice of Medical Equipment(GMP) for Yodoc-m
  • 2014.10Obtained production license(3rd class) of medical device for 3G version of Yodoc-m (SYD-M10PGBK)
  • 2014.07Obtained patent for mobile uro-chemical analyser & uro-chemical analysis system on 3G telecommunication basis
  • 2014.07Completed regular renewal of quality certification of ISO 13485/9001 medical device
  • 2014.04Obtained KC certification for 3G version of Yodoc-m(SYD-M10HGBK/PGBK)
  • 2014.04Renewed a price agreement of the urine analyzer (SYD-A0710BK) with Public Procurement Service
  • 2014.03Signed a memorandum of agreement with KT for the urine analyzer
  • 2014.03Attended The 30th KiMES 2014
  • 2013.09Renewed K-Mark certification of Yodoc
  • 2013.08Attended The Sendex 2013
  • 2013.03Attended The Sendex 2013
  • 2013.03made a purchase price agreement of urine analyzer (SYD-A0710BK) with Public Procurement Service
  • 2012.12Received the Certificate of Superior Products from Seoul Regional Public Procurement Service
  • 2012.10The Urine Analyzer (Model_SYD-A0710BK) received K-mark qualification as below in accordance with Item 1 of Para. 2 of Art. 41 of the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act Rule.
  • 2012.03Opened the web site "”
  • 2011.12Launched the product SYD-A0710BK ; Yodoc
  • 2011.09Acquisition of GMP certification
  • 2011.07SYD-A0710BK received the certification
  • 2011.07Acquired the license of medical device manufacturing business
  • 2011.07Qualified ISO13485 ; medical device quality certification
  • 2011.06Completed development of the product ‘SYD-A0710BK’
  • 2010.08Launched new business ; Started to manufacture healthcare device
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Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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