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As VAR(Value Added Reseller) of BSS(Blighter Surveillance System), S-Connect is responsible for the supply and the maintenance of Blighter Radars.

S-Connect also manufactures Blighter radars in Korea under the agreement of licensed production. The Blighter radar (B422) is presently used by the Korean Army and Marine Corps for surveillance operations, The Blighter family of radar products can be used to detect a wide variety of moving objects including: crawling and walking persons, land vehicles, boats and low flying aircraft (including UAVs). The radars use a microwave radio signal to scan areas of land or water which can extend up to 32 km in range and up to a full 360° in azimuth. The family of Blighter products and configurations allow cost effective solutions to be selected for a variety of market areas including defence, national border security, critical infrastructure protection and coastal security.

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