• Feed gas (CO2 and CH4)

    Most innovative CCUS technology using greenhouse gas as raw material

    Treats greenhouse gases as valuable
    feedstock instead of waste

  • Product gas (H2 and CO)

    Depending on the customers’ needs, additional CO can be converted into H2.

    With an option to maximize H2 production
    via water-gas shift reaction

  • Energy efficient plasma generation

    By using highly energy-efficient microwave plasma, we aim to convert CO2 and CH4 into economic gases (H2, CO).

    Minimal energy requirement enables
    economic conversion of CO2 and CH4

Core technology enabling the utilization of greenhouse gas as resource

핵심 보유 기술 아이콘
Technology for converting CO2 and CH4,

which are the main culprits for global warming and climate change, into hydrogen and carbon monoxide using atmospheric plasma technology (ReCarbon, Inc., USA)

생산이 가능 기술 아이콘
Technology for using bio-ethanol solar thermal energy,

which are generated from food processing facility, livestock sludge and food waste treatment facility, and landfill, for generating hydrogen and carbon

Based on these two core technologies, we are participating in domestic / overseas R&D demonstration projects and aiming for commercialization.

H2 및 카본 생산 연구개발 아이콘 H2 및 카본 생산 연구개발 아이콘
R&D for H2 and carbon production
탄소자원화 실증 사업 탄소자원화 실증 사업
Carbon resource pilot business
수소 생산 실증 사업 수소 생산 실증 사업
Hydrogen production pilot business
  • R&D demonstration project for generating H2 and carbon based on bio-ethanol solar thermal energy generated from bio-site managed by Ministry of Environment

    ※ World-class environment technology development project (2017.10 ~ 2020.12), development and demonstration site for bio-methane decomposition technology using solar thermal energy, food and livestock sludge site in Jeongeup

  • Participating in technology advancement demonstration project for carbon resources, which aims for capturing CO2 and converting it into carbon resources, from the thermal power plant managed by Ministry of Science and ICT.

    ※ Technology advancement project for carbon resources (2019.06 ~ 2022.02) technology development and demonstration for carbon resources using plasma linked to thermal

  • Participating in hydrogen generation demonstration project using bio-gas generated from bio-site (Tennessee).
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