Ethical Management

Ethical management

We pursue an ethical company culture based on
transparent management and continuous innovation.
S-Connect will be responsible for
duties towards the country and society.

  • A company attractive for transactionswith customers and business partners

  • A company attractive for investmentfrom shareholders

  • A company attractive forwork for employees

Clean · Honest · Transparent Company

Management with Respect for Employees

  • Identifying/cultivating talented personnel, prohibition of discrimination, pleasant working environment
  • Fair evaluation, reasonable compensation, sharing of management status
  • Maintaining ethical values and cooperative culture

Management with Respect for Customers

  • Listening to voice of customers, providing genuine value
  • Safety and quality, observance of promises, information protection, right to know
  • Reasonable price policy, pursuing customer satisfaction

Management with Respect for Business Partners

  • Mutual respect, discovering & fostering of business partners, compliance of manners
  • Equal opportunity, fair procedures, reasonable contracts
  • Prohibition of wrongful acts, common practice of ethical management

Management with Respect for Shareholders

  • Respect for shareholders’ rights, pursuing efficient management
  • Independent board of directors, transparency in accounting, active public announcement
  • Improvement in company value, assurance of long-term profit

Socially Responsible Management

  • Respect for national and social order, carrying out basic duties
  • Sound company activities, prohibition of political activities, fair competition
  • Environmental protection, social service, contribution to future prosperity

S-Connect is operating different kinds of practice programs in accordance with the Ethics Charter, Ethical Standard, and Practice Guidelines for Ethical Management. For some duties requiring a strict sense of ethics, additional ethical standards are being applied.

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