Introduction of Innovative Business

By strengthening the competitiveness of the existing business and advancing into the future growth business (Lithium Primary Battery and High-Tech Radar business, etc.) through technological innovation, S-Connect is constantly trying to provide new value to its customers.

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Based on the mobile metal processing business that has led growth, we are also challenging new areas in order to contribute to a sustainable future life by creating new added value.

By achieving the business diversification to develop the future growing business such as Lithium Primary Battery and High-Tech Radar business, and strengthening the business competitiveness, S-Connect will stand out as a leading company in value creation.

Leading technology creatively Leading technology creatively

Secondary battery (component)

  • S-Connect has entered into secondary battery component business, which is receiving spotlight in the period of 4th industrial revolution, and is establishing relevant manufacturing infrastructure. Recently, electric vehicle market is rapidly growing with increasing expectation for new regenerative energy industry along with the trend for eco-friendliness. Based on this, S-Connect has moved into energy storage system (ESS) component business for establishing new growth engine. Learn more
    Recycling of carbon dioxide

Recycling of carbon dioxide

  • With regards to greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, etc.) causing global warming and climate change problems, we aim to reduce such gases and generate valuable resources such as H2 and CO based on innovative CCU (Carbon Capture Utilization) technology. By using core technologies, we are participating in national core R&D demonstration projects and aiming for commercialization of plants. Learn more
    Recycling of carbon dioxide

AriCell, lithium primary battery

  • Powerful and Innovative lithium primary battery for the future AriCell is the brand name for lithium primary battery developed exclusively by S-Connect. AriCell batteries are currently used throughout the industry in a wide range of applications in AMR/AMI, RFID, medical equipment, military equipment, and more. The superb competitive edge offered by these batteries comes from the stability and sustainability of our supply line and our unmatched quality. Learn more
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