Secondary battery (component)

Small battery component

Safety Device (CID : Current Interrupt Device)

If external impact is applied or when it is overcharged, over-current and gas are occurred, leading to increase in temperature and pressure. Components are required for releasing gas when the pressure is increased in the cell to prevent explosion. Cap assembly, an essential component for the safety, plays such role.

(21700 S-CID) 이미지
(21700 S-CID)
S-CID (Slim - Current Interrupt Device)
(21700 SS-CID) 이미지
(21700 SS-CID)
SS-CID (Super Slim
- Current Interrupt Device)

ESS (Energy Storage System)

We are making terminal bolt, which is the core component used as output terminal on high-density / high-output ESS product. By establishing manufacturing infrastructure for entire process such as forging press, NC processing, and surface processing, we focus on quality management and stable delivery and supply.

Terminal Bolt 이미지
Terminal Bolt
ESS (Energy Storage System) component
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