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Advancing through automation and an ultra-precision quality inspection system

S-Connect has improved accuracy and reliability of quality inspections over conventional manual inspections through a system that uses ultra-precision inspection equipment. An automated manufacturing system and improved productivity have helped us ensure greater competitiveness in manufacturing costs as well. Identical systems are also currently in use at our overseas plants in Vietnam and China.

Precision performance parts that require strict quality control undergo precision measuring after CNC machining to ensure product reliability. Our manufacturing processes are very stable thanks to our expertise and experience with automated inspection machines.
Automation is applied throughout the process from measuring with optical inspection machines to automated packing. Process automation in manufacturing existing and newly-developed parts is an ongoing task at S-Connect, which results in improved, stable quality control.
Among S-Connect’s major product line-up is SMD SHIELD CAN, which blocks the various noises and electromagnetic waves caused by so many moving parts inside a smartphone, and is a key component that requires strict quality control.
SMD SHIELD CAN is manufactured through a complete automation system, as are all our products. Everything from go/no-go configuration to flatness visual inspection and automated reel pocket packing is done through a one-step automatic process.
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