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TitleS-Connect has donated KRW4,800,000 to Senior Welfare Center of Gwangju City on July 2015.
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We've expanded our social contribution program "Love-sharing", KRW10,000 monthly donation of each employee at S-Connect from the existing Sungshimwon(infant/children, teenagers)
to Senior Welfare Center of Gwangju City(elderly persons living alone).  Through social contribution program of "Love-sharing", we're trying to help those preferentially who are in need of
support under difficult circumstances.

Details of expanding organizations for contribution is as below.

                                                                       - DETAILS -
1. Introduction of new donating organization
   - Name of Organization : Senior Welfare Center of Gwangju City(  
   - Establishing organic network with welfare group in Gwangju City, this Center is getting management operation by grasping situations of a lot of persons requiring protection.
   - Total 12,000 elderly people registered as members as of July 2015 / 11 social workers
   - Number of elderly people visiting the Center for free lunch : daily average 1,400
   - Major activity & Support : recreational activities at senile stage, care service for about 500 elderly persons living alone, meal support(side dish service) for poorly-fed children and
     elderly person, emotional support, improving residential environment, supporting economic activity, and so on.

2. Details of contribution
   - Support of side-dishes to elderly persons with low income & without a meal
   - Target : 25 elderly persons without a meal or low cooking ability in Gwangju City
   - Donation amount : KRW4,800,000(a weekly side dish supprt from 1st of July 2015)
   - Donation method
     (cooking : restaurant for elderly people in the welfare center / packing & delivery : direct delivery by employee(s) of S-Connect or of welfare center)
     (In summer, so as to avoid decomposition of food, it may be substitued by instant foods)

S-Connect promises to do its best efforts to help the underpriviledged in the blind spots at all corners of society.

Thank you.

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